Sales Automation for Up-sells and Down-sells

We have already looked at how sales automation can help you to provide a better service in your business, but did you know you can utilize it for up-sells, down-sells and even side-sells? We believe that this is one of the most powerful concepts you can use in the check-out process for your business that can generate more revenue and help create a better customer experience.

This is a slightly more advanced process and you will not be able to do it with Paypal, but when you already have a customer who is buying and at the check-out stage with you, the chances are they may be interested in other things that you have to offer. If we look at up-sells, an example could be if you were selling an ebook. The customer might then get to a page that offers them the audio version of the book for an extra $10; if they take this up then this is an up-sell.

Sales automation

Side-sells are where you might have a message coming up with that ebook letting the customer know you have other books in that series. It doesn’t have to necessarily go with whatever the customer is currently buying but is to generate interest in other products. Amazon is one company who do this well with their ‘other people who bought this also bought…’ feature. 

If we keep the ebook example for down-sells, say the customer has clicked ‘no’ for the up-sell of the audio, the next page might offer them the ’10 step blueprint’ of the book for $5. This is offering the customer a helpful, summarized version, perhaps something they can put on the wall.

Some people will use all of these and keep taking the customer on a journey when they say ‘no’, even adding ‘are you sure? What about…’ at the end. We would suggest that you just want to try one or two steps and see how that goes first.

How do you get this set up? If you use a system such as Infusionsoft, 1 Shopping Cart or Office Autopilot, they actually have this function build in. You just tell the system what you want to offer and it will supply the buttons to add in to get this going. Paypal does not allow the clean set up like this, there is a work around but it involves having two different Paypal buttons and the customer having to do two different transactions.

If you can set up your up-sells, down-sells and side-sells to happen automatically, this is one of the best ways that you can potentially make more money in your business without having to be physically present yourself. In the end this is true sales-automation, giving you the opportunity to make money 24/7, even while you sleep.

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